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A Conversation on Performance Anxiety

Outdoor Stage 

Performance anxiety can be uncomfortable and inhibiting, and is all the more challenging when performing is your career. As performers, how can we learn to cope in adaptive and healthy ways, that support our wellbeing? How can we rediscover the joy of performing, and support each other in facing our fears? Join us for a conversation with performing artists across disciplines to share stories, strategies, and support; to make space for reflection and self-care; and to engage with the power in our vulnerability.

Blizzard: Juggling the Identity of Part-Time Activist, Full-Time High School Snowflake

Mezzanine Stage

We tend to talk about dismantling oppressive systems in an adult lens, free from the confines of education. But what happens when you’re still in the throes of high school, both as a student or as an educator?  Join some high school activists as we talk about what it means to advocate for yourself and others within a messy institution like school.

Nicole Young: Locating Me: Understanding the Self Through Reflexive Writing and Performative Narrative

Workshop Room 

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Noa Coffey-Moore Workshop: Black Femme Survival

Workshop Room

Black Femme Survival is a social justice platform & community healing project which creates brave spaces for Black & Brown Queer Femmes of all identities to learn, heal, & thrive together.

Diana Alvarez Workshop: Practices of Women and Nonbinary and Genderqueer Artists of Color

Workshop Room

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Janet Aalfs Workshop: Labyrinth Through Fear: Follow the Bird

Flex Stage 

“Follow the Bird” is a core Taiji sequence and moving meditation that brings to mind Emily Dickinson's “Hope is the thing with feathers...” In this experiential workshop, we will explore sensory awareness that naturally deepens and expands as we slow down to notice. Moving through fear into the next place of courage takes one deeper breath followed by the next, and a sense of interdependence. Individual and group activities in woven segments will encourage poetic expression in multiple forms – rhythmic gesture, spoken word, and writing. We will share, examine, and appreciate how interconnection through metaphor gives us collective strength. With poetic intention, inspiration, skills, and tools, we become more able to transform our lives in beautiful and courageous ways.