Body Arts for Every Body
Lucky's is a custom tattoo and piercing shop located in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts. They have been open since 1999, starting with piercing and then expanding to tattooing once it became legal in Massachusetts. They pride themselves on providing high quality tattoos and piercings in a comfortable and clean environment. With close attention to sterile technique and friendly bedside manner, they strive to make every customer have a positive and memorable experience. Lucky's has two locations in Northampton (Main St. & King Street) and one location in Boston. Visit their website.



Healy Guitars has served musicians in the Pioneer Valley since 2011. They offer a full compliment of instrument repairs on acoustic and electric guitars, basses and mandolins. Their primary goal is to get your instrument performing at its best, whether you are a beginner or professional. Be sure to visit them at Eastworks in Easthampton! Visit their website.


Accountability. Diversity. Collaboration.

VWMA is a non-profit community-based center that is committed to providing education through movement arts and poetry, all with a focus on feminist social justice values. Visit their website.


Artifact Cider Project makes cider for the new Northeast. They produce craft cider in a variety of styles by respecting tradition, but refusing to let it limit them. Using local apples and innovative cidermaking practices, they create ciders that are as authentic, eclectic, and forward-looking as the region they come from.

At Artifact, they believe that no two ciders should taste the same. They are inspired by their partners and customers—by the people making things happen and remaking this region in the process. Visit their website.


PV Squared is a worker-owned cooperative focused on high quality, full service solar for homes and businesses throughout western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. Founded in 2002, they are local solar experts and dedicated community members. They’re also the only NABCEP Accredited Company in Massachusetts, a Certified B Corporation, and have been voted the Best Solar Company in the Valley for the last three years. Visit their website.


Alternative Pioneer Valley News, Arts, and Entertainment

The Advocate is one of the more important local media outlets in the Pioneer Valley. They are unique in their approach to news and in their ability to reach a diverse audience. As a nimble alternative weekly newspaper with an eager and talented staff, they invest time developing stories about people, places and topics that the mainstream media doesn’t have the time or, in some instances, the desire to pursue.

Supported by a passionately engaged community comprising their owners, their colleagues and, most of all, their readers, they aren’t afraid to take risks, to pick fights, to indulge our artistic or literary inclinations and to push their points of view. Visit their website.


INPUT/OUTPUT is a platform dedicated to supporting women and non-binary individuals working in avant-garde, experimental, and improvised music communities in the United States. The first issue of I/O Magazine features articles about the experimental music scene in Salem, the arts community in Western Mass, avant-garde songwriters of Cambridge, free jazz in Boston, and more. Additionally, the INPUT/OUTPUT: In Conversation podcast series is set to premiere in Fall 2019. Visit their website.

Inspired by the history of the building, The Florence Pie Bar is a cozy place for pie, coffee, and conversation. Their menu rotates with seasonally inspired fruit pies, cream pies, and nut pies as well as quiche, meat pies, hand pies, and vegetable pies. They make each crust by hand in shop with butter and unbleached, all-purpose flour. They offer a daily selection of house made baked goods including scones, muffins, morning breads and granola. A large number of our ingredients are sourced locally, according to what is in season. A limited number of whole pies are available for purchase daily. Visit their website​.


Brick & Feather brewery was born as the vision of a husband and wife team in 2015. Lawrence had been working in breweries across the country since 2007, and had always envisioned opening a small, family friendly brewery where he could fully execute a portfolio of beers true to their tastes. After moving to Northampton, the two eventually stumbled across the wonderful building in Turners Falls which the brewery occupies now. The fun little village is a perfect fit for Brick & Feather.​

Brick & Feather beers are brewed on a manual 7-barrel system, mostly by hand, by Lawrence and his small staff. They work meticulously to produce beers meeting the highest standards of quality and consistency. The same people that make the beer will likely be pouring your beer for you when you visit, and they are always happy to chat with interested beer lovers! Visit their website.



Thanks to the Mass Cultural Council for supporting the 2019 Dwellings Arts Festival.