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Sara Cowell is a 19 year old poet, musician, and writer. Her works can pertain to things such as self reflection and social reform. Poetry is one of the few things that gives her an outlet to let out anything that she is thinking in that very moment in time. If she feels nobody else can hear her, words are always there to heal. 

Sara wrote her first book, “Denim Soul, Velvet Vernacular” in May of 2018 as a parting gift during her senior year of high school. It was very hard for he to take on the fact that her high school career was over and by writing this book then, it helped her be able to leave high school and move on. 

By performing her works out loud, gives true meaning and voice to her writings. Music and poetry always go hand in hand with each other, as of right now she is working on some new works of poems and music.