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Luminary Designs

Adora LaRoche Art 

The Mandala Goddess

Handmade Sacred Geometry Art by Casey Grenier

Brie Martinz Art

The painter Breanna Cee Martins paints the mirage of an America that never existed, for people like her and entire swaths of the population of this country. The white picket fences and greener lawns of early 20th century amateur photography she draws inspiration from barely hides the rot
just below the surface; the tension and strain of this brave new world and an America that was never great but only as good as we aspire to make it. The artist graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2008, and earned their MFA in painting at the New York Academy of Art in 2011, giving their commencement speech alongside those by artists Jenny Saville and Peter Drake. The artist’s watercolor paintings fall away from the viewer like a half remembered dream; images of ghostly and phantom children, coming together to explode in kaleidoscopic colors. Working from found black and white photos abandoned by their families, the images metamorphose into Technicolor nightmares, the old made new. Children dressed up as monsters, and monsters dressed up as children; these monochromatic visions glow with infernal light, watching the viewer, watch them. Posed family photos capture the conflicts raging beneath the surface; the pause or unease creating narrative tension, a rift between what is expected and what’s seen, and better left unsaid. Exhibited together the paintings act as a collective summation of the various color filters of emotions we view the past through rose-colored glasses or through a scanner, darkly. They are images captured from the sunlight playing upon your eyelids filtering a half remembered dream, or the afterglow of a fading star, an apparition of our world growing dimmer amidst the passage of time. These paintings confront you with pleading eyes, asking the viewer to delve deeper into the question, does this familial imagery have personal meaning to you?

Or, is it evocative of an emotional scene you might have remembered, yet never experienced?


Nicco Palazzi is an illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, New York with a BFA in illustration from Parsons: The New School for Design.

While Nicco is a multidisciplinary designer, his true artistic voice lies in the mystical, attempting to use his work as a backdoor into a more fantastic world than our own.

Forbidden Forest Art

Forbidden Forest Art is a pair of artists, Zak Lane and Sarah Nieman, who work primarily in ceramics and illustrations. Zak has a unique dark style to his work. He is currently interested in making skulls, sculpted mugs, and other functional pottery. He also has a variety of illustrations featuring masked figures. Sarah has a brighter and more whimsical style to her ceramic pieces. She enjoys making bottles, cups, and bowls. She decorates many of her ceramic work with one of a kind carvings.

Bone Flower Botanikals

Bone Flower Botanikals is a woman owned botanika apothecary and restorative justice education center based in the hills of Western Massachsetts. We press footsteps throughout The Pioneer Valley and Around the Globe to find medicinals and plant allies to create the highest vibrational medicine available . We believe in healing that goes beyond our bones to the root of DIS-ease. We believe in access, availability and diversity in healthcare and our Global Botanika Line and Healing Practices. We believe in indigenous wisdom teachings from all botanical and plant medicine traditions and sharing wisdom and information with reverence and homage to our plant teachers, ancestors,guides and the green world.

Bone Flower operates and thrives within sustainable, deliberate and alternative wellness models. We strive in practice and on purpose to reclaim co opted traditions, carve pathways to reparations, and share our medicine within restorative justice models that decolonize western herbalism and help us to learn our own traditions and place value on the many traditions herbalism and plant healing are birthed from.

This year we celebrate 11 years of Botanika Love and each year we have offered medicinal, plant healing treatments, reparation packages and global botanika boxes to artists, activists, movements and soulutionaries around the globe and in communities here in Western MA. Bone Flower invests Botanikal Currency in visionaries whose work touches down into the taproots of resilience, reclamation, revolution and heart centered rebellion. As we come full circle in over a decade of service to the global community our focus continues to deepen in ways we can deconstruct oppression, state sanctioned violence, capitalism culture and ways herbal healing and plant medicine can return to it s ancient throne of being a people s medicine, available to all human beings.

We support diverse community investment forums, cultural asset builders and cooperative economic models of resistance and resilience in our work and where bone flower s currency builds and moves from. We believe in the the medicine of love, pleasure, passion, accountability and accessibility in healthcare and in living life and that elitism and oppression are not at home within the practice or purpose of herbalism.

All of our medicinals, botanikals and alchemical apothecary creations are made in the ways of the old and ancient with a modern love warrior s twist, crafted with the moon tides and celestial influences of the seasons and the magick of sakred elements in every batch and blend .

Bone Flower s business philosophy and Venus Zephyr s personal passions are aligned with:
Ancient Traditions, Hand Crafted Medicinals Artisan Herbalism, Cultural Diversity, Homage to Indigenous Wisdom Teachings, Wise Woman Ways, Wild Wisdom Rooted Wellness, Radical Healing, and most importantly FIERCE SELF LOVE.

Connect with Bone Flower and The Queen s Arrow Nest Herbal and Restorative Justice Education Center facebook: Bone- Flower-BotanikalsThirteenth-Moon- Designs-142235342469473/?ref=br_rs https:// boneflowerbotanikals/

Norwood Essentials

Olivia Hoess creates “soy candles poured with love” in a clean burning variety of incredible scents.

Shan Cahill 

Mandalas By Mora

Ink & watercolor illustrations inspored by yoga, reiki, and our divine connection to nature.


INPUT/OUTPUT is a platform dedicated to supporting women and non-binary individuals working in avant-garde, experimental, and improvised music communities in the United States. The first issue of I/O Magazine features articles about the experimental music scene in Salem, the arts community in Western Mass, avant-garde songwriters of Cambridge, free jazz in Boston, and more. Additionally, the INPUT/OUTPUT: In Conversation podcast series is set to premiere in Fall 2019. 

Sarina Hahn

"I am interested in points of contact, where architectures molds movements, where grammar meets body and becomes it. In my making I explore; how does the body, in its excess and feeling, interact with the symbolic, the imagined, the generative projection? How do they sculpt and co-constitute one another into being? I am drawn by the sites where these tensions sizzle. I am drawn into them because I am convinced they have something to teach me, and others, about possibilities for imagining a living under, adjacent, oblique to the horizons I can conceive right now. This desire is as intimate as it is political. I am holding out on hope that the disaster of modernity is but one way, something history cradles me inside whenever I open my senses to it. I ruminate into these questions across language and image, image and language, all the sames and in betweens."


Sarina Hahn is an undergraduate at Wesleyan University.

Terra Metaphysics

Mossy Bee
Bee is a painter, writer, & zine maker based right here in Western Mass. They draw inspiration from lucid dreams, their cat & dogs, and spending time in the woods. They'll have art prints, stationary, zines, and screenprinted patches, both serious and silly. See more at

Callahan Creations

Custom sewed creations. "I started sewing five years ago as a way to make things for myself and my daughter. My fun hobby very quickly turned into something I never imagined or expected.....a full time business. I'm lucky that I get to do what I love everyday.”


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