We miss sharing live music and poetry and can't wait to gather again! In the meantime, enjoy these archived livestream performances from our Quarantunes series. 

Rose Martin

Performance from 6/20/20

With the vibraphone and sounds from around the home, Rose Martin has curated a musical program for percussion and voice. This includes original neo-impressionist compositions, percussion theatre, and a mix of covers by female artists interspersed with poetry-driven improvisation.


Website: rosemartinsound.com


Nicole M. Young

Performance from 5/25/20

Nicole M. Young is a performance poet, playwright, event producer, nonprofit manager and educator with over 25 years of experience as a practicing artist. Nicole’s writing seeks to fill and complete the gaps for those whose presence is absent or misrepresented in mainstream media, especially women of color. Autobiographical in nature, Nicole’s poetry and plays reflect on personal experiences and how they’ve influenced the way she sees herself within the world around her.

Website: www.nicolemyoung.com

Carolyn Walker

Performance from 5/23/20

Bittersweet and compelling, sentimental and smart, the Valley Advocate hails Carolyn Walker as having a “skilled, songwriting mind consciously crafting complex melodies and harmonies.” Her second solo album, “Incarnadine,” was recorded by Mark Thayer at Signature Sounds studio in the spring and summer of 2014, and features Boston-area songwriter Mark Erelli. "Incarnadine" was funded through a successful kickstarter campaign, with contributions from screenwriter and film director Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Website: carolynwalkermusic.com

Ellen Cogen + John Mason

Performance from 5/8/20

Musical and real-life partners John Mason and Ellen Cogen have been performing together since 2009, when John invited Ellen to sit in with him on a gig. They collaborate in a variety of styles, from classical to jazz and rock, and also enjoy improvisational explorations. They recorded an album of originals and their arrangements of a diverse selection of covers, called “Chord of Longing”. Both are also professors of music, and met as colleagues at Holyoke Community College.

Zubaida Bello

Performance from 5/2/20

Zubaida Bello is a member of the 2019 NYC Slam Team and James Baldwin Scholar. She has performed original poetry at The Apollo, The Met, New York Live Arts, and Bryant Park. Zubaida has published an article in Asterism, Chalkbeat, and has filmed some of her work with renowned filmmaker Adam Leon. Zubaida uses her poetry as an outlet for trauma, a form of activism, and to make other people smile. She is currently working on a book of poems, culminating into a forthcoming performance.

IG: @zubaidathepoet

Dirty Words

Performance from 5/2/20

Dirty Words is a fluid (and ever-changing) performance piece that combines original poetry and music by Cait Simpson of The Greys. Cait's creative partner, business partner, and close friend Mara Penatzer usually accompanies Cait on piano for this project.
Dirty Words focuses on exploring a personal experience with mental illness, power in vulnerability, and owning and acknowledging a layered identity. In 2019 Dirty Words opened for Neil Hilborn in Holyoke, MA during his Endless Bummer tour.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkHU_zFsWac
FB: Cait Simpson Performance Art / The Greys
IG: caitysimpson / dirtywordscs

Kimaya Diggs

Performance from 4/25/20

Kimaya Diggs has mastered a genre-defying style. Inspired by the acrobatic folk renderings of Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald’s jazz stylings, and Lianna LaHavas’ soulful charisma, she draws skillfully from her lineage of musical pioneers, creating a musical lane all her own, backed by multi-instrumentalist Jacob Rosazza. With a playful presence and frank, transporting storytelling, Diggs’ mastery of her voice is the focal point of each performance, and a transfixing experience.

Website: kimayadiggs.com