mezzanine stage

Dirty Words is made up of original works by Cait Simpson combined with the radically vulnerable piano stylings of Mara Penatzer.


In 2015 Cait wrote the first version of Dirty Words as part of her college senior project, a show that combined her original poetry and music and discussed her experiences with relationships, distorted power dynamics, mental illness, and a shifting identity. Since then, Dirty Words has been performed in many forms- in small line ups with other powerful femmes, as a fundraiser, for competitions, and most recently to open for Neil Hilborn.


Cait continues to rework Dirty Words as a fluid piece incorporating new pieces in a way that presents an original show each time. Collaborating with Mara Penatzer has opened a whole other world of expression, and the two continue to explore new ground each time they perform together.


Dirty Words is also the title of her first book- which she plans to finish this year. Learn more at caitsimpson.com and see check out Cait and Mara's other project The Greys.