Dwellings is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and event celebrating interdisciplinary artwork and performances with a focus on community engagement and growth, founded with values of ethics and equal representation at the forefront. Our goal is to create greater equity of opportunities and access to resources and community support for artists from underrepresented groups. We also believe that raising awareness around issues that affect artists, such as union representation, fair pay, ethical artist/venue relationships, and safe venue practices will make our local art and music scene a safer and more supportive space for all artists and arts appreciators.


DWELLINGS was founded by creative partners Cait Simpson and Mara Penatzer. The current team is made up of passionate individuals working in the arts, social work, and medical fields.

Co-Directors: Cait Simpson & Mara Penatzer
President: Caroline O'Leary

Secretary: Alexis Lussier

Treasurer: Beth Killian



Dwellings has adopted the We Have Voice Code of Conduct to promote safe(r) workplaces in the performing arts. We have a zero tolerance harassment policy at our events and in our workplace.