DWELLINGS was created by two musicians - the arts are at the center of its mission. Dwellings is rooted in cultivating unique and powerful creative experiences, as well as nurturing the existing arts community. We are currently planning our first music, poetry, and arts festival as well as a few smaller scale events that provide affordable resources to artists.

DWELLINGS core values center around safe performance spaces. We are committed to working towards the acknowledgement and resolve of what needs to change so all people can enjoy the arts. We plan to advocate for safe and inclusive spaces by having a zero tolerance policy for harassment, holding workshops on safe venue practices, and actively pursuing conversations on these topics at our events.

DWELLINGS cares deeply about ethical booking practices, diverse arts opportunities, and inclusive and accessible spaces. In addition to our upcoming festival, we are also currently working on our first anthology book that we hope many local writers and artists will contribute to! Find it here


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